Cooperation agreement with Anti Doping Danmark (ADD)

SATS is a member of Dansk Fitness & Helse Organisation (DFHO) and complies with DFHO’s cooperation agreement with Anti Doping Danmark (ADD).

SATS’ members are under obligation under this agreement to allow themselves to be tested for doping at any time they are present in a center, if independent representatives of ADD should require it.

If one refuses to let themselves be tested, irrespective of reason, this will be regarded as testing positive.

Testing positive or violating the cooperation agreement in any other ways means that ADD will disclose information of the tests’ result or the violation of the agreement to SATS, whereupon your membership terminates with immediate effect. 
ADD can furthermore disclose information to relevant collaborators, and testing positive further means exclusion for a period of a minimum of two (2) years from exercise at all gyms that comply with DFHO’s cooperation agreement with ADD.

The above rests upon the proclamation “Lov om fremme af integritet I idrætten” (Law of promoting integrity within sports and fitness community: LBK nr. 1168 of 07.10.2015), §9, and the proclamation nr. 1825 of 16.12.2015.