Is it me

you're looking for?

Our people are our most important asset - and to launch our new position as the Inspirator - we are now searching for eight new public faces among our staff.

Is it you we're looking for?

Are you living by SATS values? Do you consider yourself to be a true INSPIRATOR? Are you a brilliant role model for the SATS Brand? If yes, then we are looking for you.

We are looking for you who are living by SATS values, consider yourself to be a true INSPIRATOR, and a brilliant role model for the SATS brand. You have a natural and healthy approach to training and a unique ability to see our members. You motivate and help others to create long term training habits, and in addition - you are comfortable being in the spotlight!


Use the apply button below and follow the instructions. Remember to read the instructions carefully and upload both a picture/portrait and a video of yourself. You can choose to either answer question 1, 2 or 3 in your video of maximum 60 seconds:

  1. Tell us how you personally have established good training habits, and what is your best tips to others?
  2. What do you wish more people knew about SATS?
  3. Tell us/bring us to your favourite GX class at SATS and explain why you enjoy it so much

Important instructions

  • Hold mobile vertically
  • Talk (in your local language if preferred) straight to the camera (selfie mode). We would like to see your personality/eyes and a happy face
  • Dare to show off your personality. Talk on behalf of yourself –not the role you have at SATS
  • Wear a correct uniform (PT, GXI, Reception, Club Manager), and use name tag.
  • Good lights and no background noise
  • No graphics on the picture or in the video



If you’re looking at the “happy new you posters” at your club – imagine this is you😊

We are searching for in total eight main characters (two from each market) to be our main profiles in our external marketing campaign across the Nordics over the next years. You will be presented on posters, on boards, and in movies - alone and together with your Nordic colleges. Payment is of course fame and fortune, and you will also get payed for the job. Deadline is midnight October 18th 2019. A SATS jury will make the final choice during November 2019.

Are you ready?

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