Brian Wardle

Brian Wardle

"The human body is an amazing machine with enourmous athletic and asthetic potential. Unfortunately modern life does not encourage our bodies to express anywhere near their full potential and instead we get pain, stiffness, fat and unhealthy. This can all be overcome with the right changes in your lifestyle and a smart training program so before long you will feel and look better than ever. Do you want to see what you full potential is?"


Since 2008 I have worked as both a Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer helping countless people overcome pain and injury, build strength and fitness and lastly returning them to full performance and a body to be proud of. Working with people to overcome pain and injury has given me a very good understanding how people become injured or in pain, and more importantly how hard one can safely be pushed without becoming injured or in pain.


  • Masters of Physiotherapy, Sydney University, Australia, 2014
  • Bachelor of Exercise Physiology, University of New South Wales, 2010


  • Stuart Mcgill - Building The Ultimate Back
  • Level 2 Sports Physiotherapy - Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Rehab Essentials - Rehab Trainer

Key words:

  • Injury and pain rehabilitation
  • Athletic-focussed training for strength, fitness, fat loss and muscle gain
  • Lower back pain and real 'core strength'
  • Pre and post natal training

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"Professional, inspiring, knowledgeable, knows just how hard to push!"

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