Calvin Stitt

Calvin Stitt

"My training philosophy is that fitness is a lot more than just looking good, it's about feeling good inside and out, be active!!!"


My name is Calvin Stitt. I’m originally from Brighton England, but I've lived in Los Angeles, California. I currently play professional American Football here in Copenhagen for the Copenhagen Towers.
I've been playing professionally in Germany 2 years before coming here, and I started playing football because of my Dad, as he play in the NFL for the 49ers, I've played many sports at a high level, like soccer & basketball.


  • The Globe (United Kingdom)


  • Artesia High School (USA class of 2018)
  • SGS Collage (United Kingdom)

Key words:

  • Athletes
  • Injuries
  • Weight loss
  • Bulking
  • Speed

Klient citater:

"Accountable", "Commented" and "Motivational".

Spørgsmål til PT'en:

What are your favorite exercises?
My favorite exercises have to be plyometric movements, definitely love squatting and doing arms

Favorite moment of being a PT?
When my client reaches or exceeds a goal we have set, and seeing the excitement and their body change the way they like it.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I love going on hikes and exploring new places, and enjoy training

What do you love about your profession?
The fact that I can go and influence people's lives on a daily basis, and help people reach their full potential, whether that's in life of a healthy lifestyle.

What do you especially like about your job as a PT?
That I have the freedom to put my twist on the workouts, that I get to talk to people all the time as I’m a talkative person.