Tim Jensen-Williams

Tim Jensen-Williams

"Gain knowledge, share knowledge".

Kontakt: timothy.jensen-williams@sats.com

Tim is a performance trainer and has fifteen years of experience assisting people on their fitness journey. From group exercise, to personal training and Boot camps, Tim provides nutritional guidance as well as supporting mental wellbeing. He believes strength and conditioning is a solution for fat loss, muscle building and mental health stability. He is now committed to applying his passion and education towards helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Since his youth Tim has undertaken demanding, regular physical training representing school, club and county in cricket, water-polo, swimming, athletics, rugby and hockey. Prior to the fitness industry Tim was a Close Protection, Hostile Environment specialist additionally tasked with the physical preparedness of other security personal, providing the motivation to become a personal trainer. Tim has continued his academic studies at St Mary’s University, the Advanced Coaching Academy and the Open University. Constantly seeking pertinent knowledge to advances his work. The onlooker may assume Tim smile sadistic, but pushing his clients to achieve their maximum is Tim’s signature. Tim believes educating his clients not only regarding training, but nutrition alongside invigorating, uplifting, personally tailored, experiences assist clients to their goal.


  • City & Guilds Gym Instructor
  • NCFE level3 personal trainer


  • Advanced Coaching Academy (ACA)
  • Sport, Health and Fitness (SMUC)
  • Strength and Conditioning (SMUC)
  • B.S.C. Sports Fitness and Exercise management with Psychology (OU)
  • B.S.C. Biology (UCC)
  • Boxercise by boxercise
  • ITEC level 4 body massage
  • Eleiko Strength Coach level 1
  • Prformance Coach

Key words:

  • Body composition change (muscle building, fat loss)
  • Sports specific training
  • Introductory training (inexperienced gym user coaching)
  • Strength and Conditioning

Spørgsmål til PT'en:

What your favorite exercise?
'Box jumps, the phycological fortitude needed to achieve a new height.'

What's your lifestyle statement?
'Gain knowledge, share knowledge.'

If you were not a PT what would you be?
I have had 2 careers and love them both, largely because they are the same, helping people to achieve their goal, as a PT and as a Close Protection specialist.'

What has been your favorite moment/highlight of being 2 PT?
I have currently assisted clients with weight loss goals to achieve pregnancy. I'm at 3 healthy babies.' 

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