Tim Jensen-Williams

Tim Jensen-Williams

"Gain knowledge, share knowledge"

Kontakt: timothy.jensen-williams@sats.com

Tim is a SATS Master trainer and PT Mentor with more than fifteen years of experience in the fitness Industry as a group instructor and Personal Trainer.

In the past, working out of central London, Tim has been the other half of The Models Movement’s personal training team and worked with numerous celebrities from the fashion world alongside musical artists, TV personalities and athletes. Alongside, time pressured, business executives Tim also assisted numerous individuals prepare for Police and Military fitness test.

Everyone deserves a chance to achieve a healthier and happier life. With his knowledge and experience, Tim will help you to not just change your body but achieve a balanced lifestyle that encompasses all dimensions of health, assisting you to your goal with an effective and efficient workout and training plan.

Regardless of whether your body transformation is to gain muscle or lose fat, or to just feel better, Tim can help you achieve your goals here at SATS.

Helping other personal trainers to learn and develop is another way Tim makes sure that his impact on people’s lives far outreaches his own direct client base. As part of the SATS education team, Tim is responsible for assisting other Personal Trainers perfect their craft. Breaking down knowledge into applicable methods to add to their coaching practice, ultimately providing added value to their client.

The easiest question Tim gets asked is why he has stayed in the industry so long. His answer:

* "Seeing a client being able to now play with their children because they’ve changed their lifestyle.
* Receiving a card from a client thanking me for helping them through the darkest place they’ve ever been in their mind.
* Knowing that there are now 5 healthy baby’s alive through the work their mother has put in with my assistance."

These things are enough for Tim to continue dedicating his time to gain and share knowledge with clients and other fitness professionals.


  • City & Guilds Gym Instructor
  • NCFE level3 personal trainer


  • Advanced Coaching Academy (ACA)
  • Sport, Health and Fitness (SMUC)
  • Strength and Conditioning (SMUC)
  • B.S.C. Sports Fitness and Exercise management with Psychology (OU)
  • B.S.C. Biology (UCC)
  • Boxercise by boxercise
  • ITEC level 4 body massage
  • Eleiko Strength Coach level 1
  • Prformance Coach

Key words:

  • Fat loss, Build muscle (Body composition change)
  • Sports specific training
  • Introductory training (inexperienced gym user coaching)
  • Strength and Conditioning

Spørgsmål til PT'en:

What your favorite exercise?
'Box jumps, the phycological fortitude needed to achieve a new height.'

What's your lifestyle statement?
'Gain knowledge, share knowledge.'

If you were not a PT what would you be?
I have had 2 careers and love them both, largely because they are the same, helping people to achieve their goal, as a PT and as a Close Protection specialist.'

What has been your favorite moment/highlight of being 2 PT?
I have currently assisted clients with weight loss goals to achieve pregnancy. I'm at 5 healthy babies.'  

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